nice as heck was born out of our active lives, and need for design driven yet functional clothing. Although we embrace the failures it takes to succeed, you don't need the rips in your pants to prove it. As long as it keeps us moving, we're about it. We live for the freedom of being on a board and learn from those we meet along the way. Representing today’s youth, we are shaping the next generation of outdoor apparel by incorporating sustainable practices, fair pricing, and by spreading awareness to current global issues. We’re here to make a difference and appreciate every second of our time. So join the ride, your nice life is waiting to be discovered.
The Roots
Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, we quickly discovered the lack of nature surrounding our neighborhood. So, we began the never ending pursuit of making the most of our time and never letting a day go by unfulfilled. It didn’t matter what the adventure was, when the journey exceeded its destination, we knew there would be stories to tell.
The Goods
We make staple pieces to get you through whatever life throws at you, focusing on durability, style and functionality. Skate tested, dinner approved. They aren’t flashy enough to make you stand out but you certainly will not be forgotten. They’re built for chaos, so get after it.
The Reason
Nice as heck is compelled by community, no matter the form. If you enjoy something, do it more and make it your life. We aren’t any different from you, we have just found something we like to do and haven’t stopped. We value individual expression and believe everyone’s voice deserves to be heard.